Piles Fissure

What Is Fissure?

An anal fissure is an elongated ulcer in the long axis of lower the anal Canal.

What Are The Symptoms Of Fissure?

Pain : Pain is the chief complaint of acute anal fissure. It is of sharp, cutting, burning in nature starting with and following defecation for an hour or more, ceases suddenly till next defecation. In chronic fissure pain is less

Bleeding :Usually slight and consists of bright streak on stool or the paper, may be large associated with hemorrhoids.

Pruritus ani & discharge :May be present in fully developed chronic cases

Constipation :Patient to become constipated rather than go through the agony of the pain.


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This includes weight loss plan, life-style, herbal enhancements, medication, bodybuilding and even reflexology. in view that constipation is one of the major reasons of piles, maximum of the treatment is attentive on making sure true intestinal fitness.

What Are The Causes?

Constipationnbsp :Hard stool of constipation causes pressure on posterior anal wall and causes tear in the wall. Inflammatory Diseases, Like crohn’s disease tuberculosis, syphilis etc. Pregnancy where anterior midline fissure can occur due to delivery of child where anterior anal wall mucosa lost its support due damaged pelvic floor.

How It Is Diagnosed?

On inspection tightly closed puckered anus is always path gnomic of this condition, external tag may be seen in the chronic condition. On palpation gentle traction of anal margin will show fissure visible at anal canal.